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Welcome to P.D. Harris (Henfield) Ltd

P.D. Harris (Henfield) Ltd is a thriving and reputable construction company based in West Sussex, led by Managing Director Alan Harris.

The origins of the company were established in the early 1950s by Alan’s father, Peter Dennis Harris, as a family business specialising in painting and decorating for local Breweries, Hoteliers and larger domestic properties. The business evolved and expanded under the management of Peter and his wife Christine, then to be joined by their son Alan Harris in 1982.

The family connection underpins the ethos of the company and as such a local labour force, apprenticeships and continual professional development is established and maintained. The development of long-term relationships with employees, sub-contractors, clients and consultants is fostered, creating shared and respected values.

The highest level of professionalism and an unrelenting commitment to any project, ensuring attention to detail and high standards, forms the basis of the success of the company.

P.D. Harris (Henfield) Ltd works in many disciplines and project types across various sectors within the construction industry, covering the South East of England.